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Family Involvement
Families are an integral part of Eckert Youth Homes’ program.  They are encouraged to visit and participate in all aspects of their children’s treatment. Our social service professionals provide parents and guardians with weekly status reports and assist with problem solving and visitation. We also offer individualized counseling sessions tailored to each child's needs. 


Eckert Youth Homes partners with the Northwest Human Service Center, which provides addiction services, psychological evaluations, individual, family and group therapy, medication monitoring and Health Tracks screenings. Some private counseling and medication providers are also used. Staff from the Williston Area Recreation Center provide weekly health and fitness training, while the James Memorial Preservation Society offers semimonthly art education. Academic instruction is provided by local schools. Occasionally, Eckert Youth Homes sponsors a seminar designed to improve family relationships. These seminars are free to parents and other concerned adults.

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