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Eckert Youth Homes serves children and families from across North Dakota. We are the only facility in the state to use the Houseparent Model. Our program and facilities are designed to maintain a homelike atmosphere with an emphasis on education, recreation and healing. We teach young people how to build healthy relationships so they can reunite with their families.

Whenever a child’s health or safety is at risk, the child could be temporarily placed in protective services. A court hearing is held and a judge decides whether the child will remain at home or if there is cause for the child to be placed under the temporary custody of social services or the North Dakota Division of Juvenile Services. If the child remains in custody, the child’s custodian determines his or her level of need. The custodian sends referral applications to facilities—like Eckert Youth Homes—that can meet those needs.

When Eckert Youth Homes receives a referral application, it is reviewed by our Preadmission, Admission and Discharge Committee to determine whether or not our program will benefit the child and his or her family. When placement occurs, the child is welcomed to the youth homes and instructed about our program. The average length of stay at the youth homes is six months.

Referral Procedures
Custodians may mail a completed North Dakota Universal Application for Residential Services to Eckert Youth Homes at 1102 7th Ave. East, Williston, ND 58801 or fax applications to (701) 572-8783. For further information, please contact us.

To download the application form from the North Dakota Government website, click here.

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